Le Dossier: How To Survive The English!’ by Sarah Long .. hilarious antidote to the tedious Peter Mayloid ‘Awww aren’t the French quaint’ school of literature. Nice review on Jonathan Miller’s blog.

A Wild Herb Soup’ by Emilie Carles .. tough as old boots montagnarde recounts her life from the turn of the century through two world wars and a third more local one waged to prevent her beloved Val Clarée from being ravaged by motorway development. She won, as you can see here.

Portraits of France’ by Robert Daley .. currently out of print, but available for the Kindle, should you posess such a ridiculous new-fangled gadget. Series of beautifully outlined vignettes of people, places and events by an American novelist and ex-New York policeman, of all things.

The Discovery of France’ by Graham Robb .. not a France that most of you will recognise. In fact mostly not France at all but a loose collection of tiny savage countries without so much as a common language to their name. The entity we like to call ‘France’ is a very recent construct.

‘Wine and War’ by Don and Petie Kladstrup.. French wine producers bamboozle the German occupiers into drinking plonk while they wall up their best vintages in the cellars.

How the english made the alps‘How the English made the Alps’ by Jim Ring .. hard to get your paws on this at a sensible price, but worth the effort. History of the English in the Alps from early mountaineers to Arnold Lunn and package tour skiing.

‘Alpine Circus: a Skier’s Exotic Adventures at the Snowy End of the World’ by Michael Finkel .. skiing and snowboarding all over the place. From avoiding the morality police in Iran to an attempt to ollie a bergschrund in Alaska. Let’s face it, when someone says you have to do that, it’s time to dip out and stay at home.


3 Responses to Books

  1. calvin says:

    Great Blog – you ought really consider getting your own host set up and start to reap the benefit from your stuff and take ownership away from wordpress ! How many followers and how much traffic do you get ?

  2. I’m not convinced there are fortunes to be made from personal blogs – all the moneyspinners seem to be talking about SEO, phone applications and how to ‘monetise’ your blog. Whatever that means.

  3. Swirly says:

    Monetise: to cover in out of focus water lilies.

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